About the Poetess

Joyce is a true believer in Christ Jesus’s Word and His endless blessings to all believers. She attends Forest Heights Baptist Church in Fort Washington,
Maryland. Joyce has a bachelor’s degree in computer management and master’s degree in information management technology. She resides in Fort
Washington, Maryland, with her husband and best friend, Glen Graves. She has one son, a daughter-in-law, and six beautiful grandchildren. Joyce
retired from the federal government in 2012 and now has time to pursue many bucket-list activities in her life. Writing this book of her collection of poems
was one of those undertaking and finally a finish accomplishment in her life. This is her first published book of poems. Joyce completed her first book,
esus, I Don’t Understand published in May 2014. She is a playwright for her first play, Cotton Field to Concert Hall, performed in February 2017.
Joyce is an artist, painter, writer, poet, sculptor, and numismatist. She loves playing the piano and chess. She is a Sunday school teacher at her church of
fourth to sixth graders. She has a weekly blog called “Motivational Monday” where she sends inspiring messages to her followers. Joyce has been a US
notary public for over thirty years.

Joyce has published her 2nd book (April 2019), "
Be A Blessing To Someone Today, For Tomorrow May Be Your Blessing."

Joyce is an independent beauty consultant for Jafra International for seven years. Also, she is the owner of Unique Treasures by Joyce, a home-based gift

Joyce’s hobbies, interests, and pastimes are writing, poetry; drawing, painting, clay sculpturing, playwrighting, reading spiritual, planetary science, and
historical books, studying and collecting coins, making fashion jewelry and soy candles, international traveling, swimming, water aerobics, playing chess
and the piano.

Joyce manages a Bible Ministry called “Project Blessing” which collects funds to purchase Bibles to third world countries. Her mission is to help people
learn about Jesus Christ. Joyce has a water ministry to raise funds for underprivileged people.