Be Still, It’s Not So Bad

Today, wasn’t any different than usual, at least I thought!
The coffee tasted the same this morning, my shoes fit as perfectly as they did two years ago, when I purchased them.  I walked in this same office as I did the day before.
What has changed?
Nothing working! Complaints! And more complaints from everyone.  I need this, this isn’t working, and my printer is broke. I can’t exercise my PC.  Too much commotion, noise everywhere, where was
my warning! What change these same sane people from yesterday?
Life’s trials and tribulations comes in many different forms, today mine came full force in verbal abuse from employees.  Didn’t that printer work yesterday? And what happen to that four thousand
dollar PC?  
Why is everything spinning around in my head?
Get a grip, its impossible! There are problems everywhere! Run this way, run that way.  Make things work fast, before more complaints come.
Who will be the next thorn in my side?

Oh, it’s five o’clock, time to go home.  This is the same office, same clock, my same desk, but I don’t hear any noise.  
Where the complaints, the noise?  Be still, it’s not so bad!

Joyce B. Williams (Graves)
As Published by The National Library of Poetry