Great Books I have
Read 2013 - 2017
The Bible
Inspired by God
King James Version
Muscle & a Shovel
Mikchael Shank
Truth within the Holy Bible
One in a million
Priscilla Shirer
Journey to our promised land
Lord, I'm Dancing as Fast as I can
J. Joy Matthews Alford
Selected Poems
Women of God
Daily Devotions
Gift for Men at FHBC
A Place Called freedom
Ken Follett
Quiet Places of the Heart
Terri Gibbs
Cleo's Lies
Betty Miller Buttram
Too Many Lies
V.E.L.C.O. Church
Ken Hemphill & Mike James
For growing a church family
Sometimes God has a Kid's Face
Sister Mary Rose McGeady
Our Daily Bread
Many Authors
Spanish is Fun
Heywood Wald
Fourth Edition
The Fine Print of Self-Publishing
Mark Levine
Third Editon
The Greatest Life of All Jesus
Charles R. Swindoll
Profiles in Character
Heaven is for Real
Todd BurPo with Lynn Vincent
From Birth To New Birth
Avis Minott
Great book about Mrs. Minott struggles in life
Every Day A Friday
Joel Osteen
How to be happier 7 days a week
The Bible made Plain & Simple
William R. Newell
Verse by Verse
Get on Board and Stay on Board
Pearl Nsiah-Kumi
Tortured for Christ
Rev. Richard Wurmbrand
Great book
From Pain To Empowerment
J. Joy Matthews Alford
The Fabric of my Being
The Bluest Eyes
Toni Morrison
The Invention of Wings
Susan Monk Kid
The Prison Plum Line
Yvonne Medley
Jesus Calling
Sara Young
Devotions for Every Day of the Year