Did you know these things about Joyce?
1.  Joyce is an artist, pianist and a poet.  She loves painting in various mediums (oils, watercolor and acrylics).  She really loves writing poetry in her spare time, and playing the

2.   Joyce is from historical Fredericksburg, Virginia.  She is the fourth child of five siblings.  Her father, Philip Daniel Samuels (deceased) was a landscaper for 38 years at the
Kenmore House in Fredericksburg, where Betty Washington Fielding, sister of the 1st President of United States, George Washington lived.  Her mother, Catherine Mae
Samuels was a Nurse Assistant at Mary Washington for 39 years. Joyce's mother is in a nursing home in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

3.    Joyce is an Independent JAFRA Skin care Consultant (three years)  & owner of 'Unique Treasures by Joyce"  gift shop for over 20 years.

4.    Joyce's best friend is her husband, Glen Graves. Glen is a very humble companion that truly loves the Lord!  He's a Dallas cowboy fan.  I forgive him!!!!

5.    The other male in Joyce’s life is her small poodle, Energy.  Joyce has had many dogs in her life, but Energy is the smartest one she ever had.

6.    In high school, Joyce thought for sure she would be a Nurse like her mother.  But, she got married very early to now ex-husband and lived on many military
bases, such as Pensacola, Florida; Rapid City, South Dakota; Newport News, Virginia; Ellsworth, Texas.  

7.    Joyce loves the water, and hope one day she can move somewhere sunny and near a breathtaking beach with hubby and dog.

8.    Joyce loves good food and her favorite is “seafood”.  There’s nothing like a dish of shrimp scampi next to the biggest lobster in the world with a dish of
spinach and a bake potato with everything  on it.  

9.    Her favorite book to read is the King James Version of the Bible and her son’s book, Look Again 2.  

10.  Her favorite thing to do during her spare time is watch the History Channel on TV, & hanging out with her hubby. She loves basketball on TV, especially watching her
son's team, the New Orleans Pelicans.  In addition, she likes playing the piano, swimming, learning French and Spanish, and writing poetry.

11.  Joyce has five beautiful grandchildren (three girls and two boys) ages 5 to 16 years old (resides in New Orleans, La) and 2 sponsor children ages  7 and 9 years (living in
 Zambia & Gambia, South &  West Africa).

12.   She loves be football (Redskins) & basketball.   Check out the BEST NBA team in the league, (NOLA Pelicans). Joyce's son is Monty Williams, who is the head coach
 of the New Orleans Pelicans.