Thank you so much for viewing my website. So, let me share a little about me.  

I am a true believer in Christ Jesus’s Word and His endless blessings to all believers. I attend Forest Heights Baptist Church in Fort Washington, Maryland.
I have a bachelor’s degree in computer management and master’s degree in information management technology. I reside in Fort Washington, Maryland,
with my husband and best friend, Glen Graves. I have one son, a daughter-in-law, and six beautiful grandchildren. They live in Arizona, Texas and Illinois.
I retired from the federal government in 2012 and now have time to pursue many bucket-list activities in my life. I have just complete publishing my 2nd
book, “Be A Blessing to Someone Today, For Tomorrow May Be Your Blessing.”  Writing this book of my collection of poems was one of those undertaking
and finally a finish accomplishment in her life. This is my first published book of poems.  Also, I completed my first book, Jesus, I Don’t Understand
published in May 2014. I am a playwright for my first play, Cotton Field to Concert Hall, performed in February 2017 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.
I am an artist, painter, writer, poet, sculptor, and numismatist. I love playing the piano and chess. I am a Sunday school teacher at her church of fourth to
sixth graders. I have been an US notary public for over thirty years.
I am an independent beauty consultant for Jafra International for five years. Also, I am an  owner of Unique Treasures by Joyce, a home-based gift shop.
My hobbies, interests, and pastimes are writing, poetry; drawing, painting, clay sculpturing, playwriting, reading spiritual, planetary science, and historical
books, studying and collecting coins, making fashion jewelry and soy candles, international traveling, swimming, and doing water aerobics.
I manage a Bible Ministry called “Project Blessing” which collects funds to purchase Bibles to third world countries. Her mission is to help people learn
about Jesus Christ.  I am loving what I am doing these days?  Blessing people and having Fun!!! How do I do this?  Through prayer and meeting people.

Unique Treasures by Joyce (Life is full of Treasures)

Jafra International SkinCare Consultant (Transforming women’s lives one person at a time)

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