Dear Abdou & family,

It is will a sad heart that I write you this letter.  After eight
years of supporting Gift and family, I will close out my
support to start another ministry in my life.  I have enjoyed
every letter that came my way of the many things Gift and
his family were doing in their village and in their life.  I have
watched Gift grow through letters and pictures from a young
boy to a more mature young lad. My husband and I prayed
many years for your protection and good health.  I will miss
receiving all the letters and pictures from the Gift family.  I
hope you will enjoy one day the book I wrote, “Jesus I don’t
Understand” I sent you.
This card is one that I designed and painted is I wanted you
to have it.  I won’t be able to write you after this letter, but I
pray that every now and then I will get a letter from you
sharing how you are doing? I will always keep you in my
prayers, Gift. You are a good looking young man, and I pray
that our Lord and Savior continue to bless you and your

In love and in Christ,

Joyce Williams Graves
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